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1975 Honda CB360.blog

A total Dump!

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Had some surgery today so I figured now would be a good time to catch up on this blog. A LOT has changed on the CB360 so I am going to let the pictures do most of the talking.

This is just a raw dump of pictures in all their unedited glory. Some may be big and some small.. maybe some arent even of the bike I dunno.


New Chain and Sprockets

Replaced the 16 tooth front sprocket with a 18 tooth to get better highway gearing.

IMG 5248

Paint Work

Painting the rear wheel. Lot of work spent sanding those spokes.  I want this to have a slightly worn look.

IMG 5302

Experimenting with the tank.


Fabricating Brackets

Fabricating some brackets to hold the Dyna coils.


Adding Pods 

Replacing the paper filters with UNIFilter foam pods


Front end rebuild

Rebuilt the front shocks and painted the front end.


Jet Kit


Experimenting with exhaust

Tried running open mufflers.. even fabbed up these tips.. but its just way to far from tuned.. Wide open it ran ok but mid range was really bad.



I re-engineered the stock kick stand to work with the straight exhaust tips and gave it a sleek look too.



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