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1975 Honda CB360.blog

Experimenting with finishing techniques

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While I have the back wheel off I figured now would be a good time to clean it up some.  The chrome around the rim is pitted up, the spokes have some rust and the aluminum hub is really oxidized. I found the best way to remove the oxidation... well.. maybe the easiest.. was to use an abrasive "cookie" on the end of an air grinder.  Works great and leaves a really nice machined finish look.  I wanted to find a way to preserve this look and even take it one step farther and make it look aged a bit (as if '75 isn't old enough). This is what I came up with... a work in progress.




Here is the rear brake assembly from start to finish.

I went over the entire thing with the abrasive cookie, then sprayed ultra flat black in the areas I wanted to look worn.  When the black paint dried I used the cookie and some hand sanding to get the worn finished look and then sprayed the entire thing with an acyclic lacquer paint.  Only time will tell if this will hold up or not. 


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