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1975 Honda CB360.blog

New jetting

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I think I finally found the best combo of jetting in the carbs to get good performance while still offering decent fuel economy. Pulling the carbs every time you want to tweak a little something is getting old though. Give me fuel injection any day! Of course this will only last as long as everything stays the same. As soon as I run a different exhaust or change the intake then I will have to fool around with the jetting once again.

I purchased new tires a few weeks ago.. They were back ordered and I am still waiting for them to come in.  Once they are on I will start work on really chopping some things out to get that cafĂ© racer look. I am going to do completely away with the rear fender and also get some straight bars on it to start. Next will be the seat, I will shape the pan and foam myself but I will have to take it somewhere to get it upholstered.

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