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1975 Honda CB360.blog

Fixed a few more things

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The past week I tackled changing the alternator cover gasket along with a lot of other small things.  I pulled the sprocket cover off and cleaned out all the gunk that the chain had pulled in there. I also installed a sweet little electronic blinker control that will allow me to run LEDs for blinkers.  The bike is running very well but a little on the lean side.  This I figure is because of the modified exhaust.  I ordered some new jets from Bikebandit.com that will hopefully correct the problem.  Of course that means pulling the carbs off and apart AGAIN.  I also purchased some LEDs that I would like to modify to install in the gauges. The vibration keeps blowing the incandescent bulbs like crazy.  The plan is to use a blown bulb, remove the glass, and solder in a 12v LED.  I will do a writeup on that when I get around to trying it.

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