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1975 Honda CB360.blog

On the road again

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Well the bike is back together and running. I cut the engine restore work short because I came to realize it was a project best left for the winter months. I replaced the coil and coil wires and also the engine gaskets. I still need an oil seal for the tach cable shaft and the cam shaft. I have those on order along with 2 front shock seals and a valve adjustment cap that I accidentally broke on reassembly.

The bike is running well but still has a problem with high rpm under load. It will rev to red line with no load, but as soon as you get on it.. past 75% throttle and 5500 rpm it bogs. I will have to go some carb work because I suspect its leaning out. Possibly a float height adjustment will do he trick but think probably new jetting is in order on the mains.

I'll take some pictures of it assembled soon.

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