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1975 Honda CB360.blog

Digging a little deeper

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Today I ordered 2 new Dyna Coils and a new starter solenoid. I also took the right side crank case cover off to replace the gasket and install the new stainless Allen head bolts.  While I was in there I cleaned everything up really good and inspected the clutch. Everything seems very good with little wear.

I put the panted head cover back on.  I didn't bother with taking the head and cylinder sleeves off yet.  There is nothing wrong with the head gasket or bottom gasket so that seems like a good winter project.  Its kind of foolish to tear a bike apart in the summer, specially with gas prices the way they are. 

I will fix all the stuff that needs it now to get the bike in good running order and then work on a complete tear down this winter.

Sue (the dog) giving me her opinion on things after she checks stuff over real good.

Under the clutch cover.

Head cover installed.

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