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1975 Honda CB360.blog


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I have started this blog to keep track of the on going cycle project. I am not too good with keeping anything up to date including blogs but we'll see how it goes. Early last summer I purchased a 1975 Honda CB360T on eBay. When I went to pick up the bike I was ecstatic to find it in better shape then I expected. There was of course a few minor problems but it was in overall good non-running condition. Once I got it home after a little tinkering I had it running. The bike included 2 other carbs and some other parts.

Parts changed so far include.

Some Wiring
Handel grips
installed carb rebuild kits on both carbs
and some other misc stuff

I have a new gasket kit here to install on the engine but I am waiting for a stainless steal bolt kit I ordered to arrive first.  After the engine is in good order I will work on paint and chrome.

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